Markhor Bighorn 75+ L Backpack – Green


This hunting backpack’s back air channel system delivers maximum breathability. Its fit, comfortability, and added features are a blessing when you get deeper into your trek. The fabric is waterproof and 100% silent polyester so you won’t disturb your quarry.

  • 75+ Litre capacity
  • Backpack can safely carry either rifle or bow

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Markhor produces the ultimate in technical backpacks, and with this model—the Bighorn—it certainly lives up expectations.

Its creator, Jean Pierre Mateo, is best described as a hard-core hunter. He has drawn on his vast knowledge to design the Bighorn with a solid number of functional pouches, and has used only the best materials in the construction of the pack – something you will truly appreciate when you are long into the hunt.

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Detachable hip & chest belt
  • Extendable top lid
  • Suitable hydro pack
  • Pack cover
  • Anti-blood pocket (option)
  • Spotting scope pocket in option

Also available in Camo.

(Camo model shown for example of model features.)

Additional information


75L / Capacity: 4577+ ci


80 x 38 x 25 cm (31.5” x 15” x 9.85”)


2.99kg (105.47 oz)