Peterson 30 Nosler Casings – Box of 50


Peterson’s 30 Nosler casings are a great beltless magnum cartridge. They  are strong cases so are ideal for Western long-range hunting or for those who like to load them a little hot.

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It is very well suited for elk, sheep and other mountain game. With most long-range hunters focused on making good, ethical shots, the 30 Nosler is a caliber you can have confidence in.

The 30 Nosler employs an inherently accurate, 35-degree shoulder. It operates with a magnum bolt face. It has 12% more case capacity than a .300 Win Mag. The benefit of using Peterson-made 30 Nosler is that Peterson make a stronger casing for those shooters who like to load them a little hot.

If you want to take advantage of an efficient, sub-MOA, 30 calibre, magnum round, check out these 30 Noslers from Peterson Cartridge.

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